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Irrigation System

Decorative Landscaping will warranty all parts associated with the irrigation system for 3-5 years (depending on manufactures warranties). Labor/function of the system due to defects in installation will have a 1 year warranty.

Tress and Plants

We provide high grade quality products that have excellent survival rates in our climate. Our warranty policy is as follows: 30 days after Tree and Plant installation, we do an inspection (if requested) to take note of any Trees or Plants that are showing any signs of stress. Those Trees and Plants will have a 1 year warranty from the date of installation at no cost. Those that are not showing stress at the 30 day inspection will have a 1 year warranty from date of installation @ 50 % of the original installation price.

Paver Areas

Decorative Landscaping exceeds industry standards on proper compaction and preparation of the paver area, and we use top of the line Belgard Paver products, which have a lifetime warranty on the product itself. We offer a 2 year warranty on the installation of the pavers. (Excluding issues due to forces of nature i.e. earthquakes, and floods. Also excluding massive settling from construction or excavation) Proper joint maintenance must be performed every 3 years to ensure longevity.


We use Top of the line quality sod that we guarantee will take root with proper watering by the homeowner. Proper maintenance (fertilizer, watering, mowing etc) will prevent weeds, and keep the sod healthy and full.

Flagstone Areas

Decorative Landscaping utilizes stone from our own quarries ranging from 1/2” to 3” for all types of pathways and patios. Because it is a thin natural stone, proper care and maintenance must be followed to ensure long lasting product. We recommend joint maintenance once per year with Stone Lock Joint sealer. Warranty is 1 year on materials and Labor, excluding damage from heavy items or traffic, and or forces of nature.


Decorative Landscaping has a unique installation process, installing 3 times the amount of seed that most companies offer. We guarantee growth on all of our hydroseed installations. (So long as it can be determined that proper watering procedures were followed as per our hydroseed maintenance program.) If certain areas did not take for some reason, we will come back at no cost to re-seed those areas.


Decorative exceeds industry standards on proper compaction and base preparation prior to pouring any concrete projects. Our preparation will greatly increase the likely hood of your concrete looking great for years to come. (Salt will void warranty and will shorten the life of the cement)

Rock Walls

We use a durable Granite boulder for our walls that we will guarantee the Rock will not crack or degrade- We exceed industry standards on our wall preparation and compaction, and all of our walls are guaranteed to pass Engineer requirements. We cannot control acts of nature (flooding, earthquakes, etc)